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Jul 5, 2023Liked by Dan Benson

This is absolutely inspiring! I had a brief love affair with running too. I have accomplished many vision board goals, but running had never been one of them. I was a witness to your beautiful journey, and was inspired to try couch to 5k myself. Out of all of my accomplishments, running 30 minutes , without stopping, may top the list.

I hated it! But I loved how running shaped my body in such a short time. Most of all, running was the first thing I had attempted that I never thought or believed I could do. My vision board was filled with life and travel plans that I wanted to complete. So there was something eternally special in trying something that I never planned for myself, then exceeding. Running required the discipline that I normally lack. Thank you for sharing your awe-provoking journey. Your medical affliction, "aging", looks good on you!

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